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Who is "Allan"?

"Allan" as he is more formally known in the webcomic community is a 20-something in College. He has been drawing pretty little pictures all his life. He keeps Allan's style simple, because it fits the right mood.

What is "Allan"?

It's a journal! It's a webcomic! It's updated daily! It's made by Allan! It's online and it's free! It was started way back in February 2007.

Where is "Allan"?

Well, the strip itself is hosted on the Rampage Network, but Allan Wood currently resides in America. In Northern California. Attending college.

When is "Allan"?

Allan is never updated! Like, hardly ever! Its schedule has shifted over the years from daily to semi-daily to 5-times-a-week to whatever to sparringly to hiatus to daily to whatever again! It's been quite a ride, and at nearly 1,000 pages, a lot has changed!

Why is "Allan"?

Allan was made as Allan's first online journal comic. It was an experiment to see if he could succeed in both the online world, and the webcomic world.

How is "Allan"?

Well, Allan is doing fine, but if you're more interested in how it's made: usually it's done with traditional inks on paper. There is usually no pencil involved, and usually there are no digital effects or colors added. There are, of course, some exceptions, which can be found sparcely throughout the archives.

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Allan (c) Allan Wood (2007-2009) 


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Allan: The Main character, author, and artist of this autobiography. Currently he is in College. He was born August 16th 1991. Allan once worked at his "Uncle's" Delicatessen, but is now a full-time student in College. He resides in Northern California and his interests are drawing, making music, listening to music, playing online games, watching TV, and critiquing movies. His favorite color was red, but now it seems to be shifting to blue.

Amanda: Allan's ex-girlfriend! She also made/makes a comic called Something Original.

Rob: Allan's best friend since 4th Grade. He was also the only other associates of Allan's who knew about the comic before the "Ricky" catastrophe. His hobbies include: pretending to be cool, pretending to be apathetic, playing pen-and-paper RPG's, never talking to any girls ever, reading webcomics but not reading "Allan." His favorite color is gray.
Allan has since moved away from Rob.

Ryan: Known as the "pimp" or "player" of the Allan/Rob duo, Ryan is another of Allan's friends. Though sometimes called "emo," he disclaims this, acknowledging that he is not "emo," but instead "scene" or "trendy." He has assumedly 5,000 girlfriends, each of which doesn't know about the other one. He also can't stop talking about sex and the like. His favorite color is black, but he also has an obsession with stripes.
Allan has since moved away from Ryan.

Jeremy: Jeremy's a cool guy that Allan met at college. He's one of the only friends who's really "stuck" over the past few months. He doesn't really have a direction in life, seeing as how he's been at a 2 year college for 5 years, but that only contributes to his laid-backitude.

Andrew: Andrew is a very funny, very authentically nice guy. Allan met him in his college classes and they've been keeping in contact via texts and the like. They don't hang out as much as Allan would like, because Andrew is always working.

Mandy: Jen's best friends, who associates well with Allan. Not much is known about Mandy, other than her full name is "Amanda," and she is a girl who is friends with Jen. She also has a very bad taste in hairstyles.
Allan has since moved away from Mandy.
Jen: Allan's ex-girlfriend. She is 18, being born on September 19th. She is usually seen in tanktops, baby tees, and jeans, though occasionally she wears skirts. Her hobbies include: drawing, laughing, watching movies, swimming, riding horses, and making music. Her favorite color is purple.
Allan has since moved away from Jen.

Izzy: A girl who used to have an obsession with Allan, Izzy has no sense of appreciation for others' lives and problems. To put it plain and simply she likes meddling. She is 17, a Senior at Allan's old high school, and is in his History class. She is Scott's sister.
Allan has since moved away from Izzy.

Scott: Allan's former coemployee. Scott is related to Allan's "Uncle," and as such was given more authority than Allan while working at the delicatessen. Scott is often seen carrying around a clipboard and wearing sunglasses inside. He is Izzy's brother.
Allan has since moved away from Scott.
Mark: Ryan's old brother. He is the "cool cat" of Ryan's relatives. Always smooth and mysterious, not much is known about Mark, other than he likes wearing Army colors and is nearsighted.
Allan has since moved away from Mark.
Ricky: Rick, or "Ricky" was a new friend of Allan's before he told a bunch of people about the comic (which Allan specifically asked him not to). He, too, was into drawing comics and talking about awesome things. Ricky and Allan got into a fight which was never resolved.
Allan has since moved away from Ricky.

Blake: One of Allan's cousins; he is especially attuned to Allan's sense of humor, and they seem to get along rather well. Allan doesn't see him too often, but when he does they always have a good time!

Octopus Monster: A character from one of Allan's bad dreams, "Octopus Monster" is known for being creepy and... changing colors depending on the mood of the dream.
Blue Squire: A person from a round at Midieval Times, the Blue Squire was the Squire to the Blue Knight. When the Blue Knight fell, the Blue Squire stayed and assisted with other clean-up duties after the other knights. Eventually, the Blue Team was victorious, but all credit goes to the Blue Squire, just for being so awesome.

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