Allan: Volume 1

what it is:

Allan: Volume 1 is a collection of the first year of the comic strip Allan, unedited and raw, slightly rearranged and remastered. The book is 114 pages covering over 200 strips, dotted with author insights and interesting tidbits about the individual pages.

about allan volume 1

In November, 2011, I set out to make a book through Kickstarter. It was a big thing to have a successful Kickstarter, and I always had wanted to print a book. Through Kickstarter, I was able to acquire the funds I needed to make the book, print the book, order the shipping containers, et al. Within a year, the book was finished and mailed out to backers, and then people (hopefully) reacted like this:

There are only about 60 copies left from the first printing, and who knows when the next printing will be! Not me! Maybe sometime, but not right now! So if you want a book, or want to share one with a friend, snatch this up or endure the torment that is: waiting.


Indicate your shipping! Books will be shipped out weekly (Fridays or Saturdays) as orders accumulate throughout the week. People close to California receive their books generally within 1 - 2 days, and people on the east coast receive them in 2 - 4. International varies depending on country, but it generally takes about 2 weeks to get through customs.

I've added an option to order a sketch. Either give me a word or phrase and I'll draw something for you and it will be silly and fun and it will set it apart from the other books! It is $5 more because, while I draw them in pen and sometimes they are sketchy, I give a lot of thought as to what I draw. Usually it is a bad joke. I hope you like bad jokes if you order a sketch.

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